About Us

Attitude is everything. It sets a tone, creates a mood and evokes the right impression


Lumithree is a high end decorative lighting solutions manufacturer. Our goal is to offer our customers a diverse range of unique and flexible products to meet the growing needs of architects and designers and bring out that unique attitude in contemporary hospitality and residential environments.

Our team of designers and quality control staff consistently work towards designing imaginative and innovative luminaries that combine brilliant style with functionality – bringing out that vibrant attitude in any space.

Behind the beauty and quality of our product is a devoted and dedicated Sales Representative and Customer Support team to ensure Lumithree brand products are trustworthy and worry free. They are committed to providing exceptional care and service to every customer ensuring the success of any project. Our customer’s satisfaction is priority above all.

Whether you are designing space from the ground up or looking to renovate an existing space, let our team help you bring your vision to light and express your space’s unique attitude.


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Telephone:+ 1 800 455 5316

6065 Thimens Blvd Montreal, QC H4S 1V8 Canada

Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm