Introducing Soprano 2 & 4

Phenomenal Performance and Design

With 10 Designs and 35 deluxe patterns to choose from, we have launched our new Acoustic collection made perfectly to be customized for your project.

Osram LED chip

Illuminate your space with unmatched efficiency and brilliance with our revolutionary acoustic fixture, powered by Osram LED chips. Boasting an impressive efficacy of over 105lm/w, our LED boards stand as paragons of energy efficiency in the market. Available in a versatile array ranging from 3000k to 4000k, our boards effortlessly cater to a spectrum of CCT requirements, ensuring your lighting needs are always met with precision and sophistication. Furthermore, inquire with us about enhancing the lumen/watt ratio to maximize brightness and efficiency, setting new standards of illumination excellence. Elevate your lighting experience with our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance.

Custom Acoustic Pendant Creation

Whether it's enhancing an existing fixture from our collection with an acoustic layer or crafting a completely custom design, we turn ideas into reality.

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Sound Absorption

In the realm of professional audio, precision is paramount. That's why Lumithree spares no effort in ensuring top-notch quality. Our Acoustic materials undergo rigorous testing at third-party labs, achieving an impressive .80 RNC rating. By seamlessly blending trendy, fashion-forward finishes with top-level engineering, our acoustic fixtures transcend expectations, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters them. Experience the perfect harmony of style and functionality with Lumithree, where excellence is not just a standard—it's a promise.


Polyester fiber acoustic panel

Density 11lbs/ft3

High acoustic absorption property

9mm, .80 RNC Rated


Combustion growth rate

Requirement ≤ 120 | Our Result: 27

Total heat release

Requirement ≤ 7.5 | Our Result: 1.4

35 Acoustic Finishes

Unleash the power of superior sound absorption with Lumithree's High-Density 9mm Polyester Felt. Crafted to perfection, our acoustic material offers unparalleled performance, providing a sanctuary of sound in any environment.

Choose from our wide selection of 35 acoustic finishes, each meticulously curated to complement your space while delivering exceptional sound quality. With a remarkable .80 RNC rating, our polyester felt ensures optimal sound suppression, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

Design Aesthetics and Functionality

Indulge in the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with Lumithree's versatile fixtures, available with or without acoustic material. Designed to captivate the senses, our fixtures are meticulously crafted to be visually stunning while seamlessly integrating sound suppression functionality.

Whether you opt for the sleek simplicity of our acoustic-free designs or the enhanced acoustic performance of our acoustic models, each fixture promises to elevate your space to new heights of aesthetic pleasure and sound perfection.

Experience the epitome of design innovation with Lumithree. Elevate your surroundings with fixtures that not only dazzle the eyes but also create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.